About Us

InfraGreen is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tree planting solutions, landscaping products and specialist water management systems.

InfraGreen offers a wide range of high quality and high performance products with over 10 years experience in the provision of tree planting systems throughout Europe. Our strength is in the development of innovative solutions that address the requirements of the client and meet the needs of urban planners and designers. Our product ranges are tailored to individual market sectors and we are committed to working with our clients to develop effective design solutions.

    • High Performance Products

      InfraGreen have a proven track record for producing high quality products that have been tested to conform with and exceed application specific performance standards.

    • Innovative Tree Planting Systems

      Our tree planting systems combine load support, growing space and water management techniques to create solutions for even the most demanding of urban planting schemes.

    • Focus on the Future

      InfraGreen aims to continually develop and improve its product range and will strive to identify new applications and opportunities.

    • Design Guidance and Support

      InfraGreen offer in depth technical support and design service to assist consultants, engineers and architects in the development of project specific design solutions and product specifications.

    • Surface Water Management

      The management of surface water run-off is often a key consideration in our design processes and is an area in which we have specific expertise.

    • Striving for Excellence

      We aim to monitor our product installations to ensure their success and guarantee customer satisfaction.