Gas Membranes

As podium decks increase in size and use, the requirement of achieving efficient water management becomes more difficult.

The Permavoid podium deck system addresses a number of the technical challenges presented by the need for stormwater drainage on decks and roofs that are beyond the capabilities of traditional gravel and geocomposite layers.

    • Environmental Advantages:

      • It is made from 100% recycled material, is 100% recyclable and can be re-used
      • It can reduce your transport carbon footprint dramatically: typically, one delivery of Permavoid is equivalent to 21 deliveries of open graded aggregate in terms of water storage capacity
    • Sustainable Option

      • Allowing harvested rainwater to be used for the irrigation of green areas or toilet flushing without the need for pumping
      • Reducing dependence on air conditioning by taking advantage of the cooling properties of attenuated water
      • Reducing run-off and flood risk
      • Effectively treating pollutants from contaminated water run-off through the use of filtration, including Permafilter Geotextile and Permavoid Biomat