Placeholder Shortcodes

Placeholders are the fastest way to fill up your content with dummy data. If you don’t have final images, videos etc. this can be very helpful to just mark what kind of data and where it should be placed later.

Link, Image & Video

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[placeholder size="g1_one_third" icon="link"]

[placeholder size="g1_one_third" icon="picture"]

[placeholder size="g1_one_third" icon="film"]

Here Goes Only Video

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[placeholder size="g1_max" icon="film"]

Shortcode documentation

  • id
    The id attribute specifies an id for an HTML element.
    It must be unique within the HTML document.
    (Mainly for additional styling/scripting purposes)
  • class
    The class attribute specifies a class name for an HTML element.
    (Mainly for additional styling/scripting purposes)
  • width
    The width in pixels
  • height
    The height in pixels
  • size
  • icon
    Available Options:
    All icons available on Font Awesome site