Apeldoorn Station Plaza

  • Project Supplied by: Tree Ground Solutions of Holland

    Product: TreeBox HP

    Client: City of Apeldoorn

  • Total Quantity: 536 nr. Concrete Pillars 1.250 x 1.250 x 640 mm, 294 nr. Concrete cover slabs 2.500 x 2.500 x 200 mm

    Number of Trees: 48 Pinus Sylvestris.  Elm  45-55 cm

    Construction Period: March 2006


  • Use of the strong and tested concrete Treebox HP construction, which can handle high traffic loads.
  • A lower model of the concrete crosses is developed and used to stay above the high ground water level.
  • A layer of drainage sand is applied to function as an extra barrier between the ground water and the nutrient tree soil.
  • High nutrient soil is processed in the construction, that provides a healthy growing environment for the trees.
  • Through the concrete slabs on top of the construction, this soil will stay non-compacted.